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In the year 2000 this country switched from the “Old Credit System” to the ”New FICO Credit Scoring System“.  This new system is radically different from the old system.  The FICO system has changed the way we restore credit; eliminate and managed debt; and get money.   Unfortunately, for most Americans this system is still a mystery.  Even worse, over 80% of all companies in the credit, debt and finance business, still use old credit system technology to advise and assist you.  We wrote the algorithm for “Rapid Restructure”, pioneered “Debt Filtration“, and establish one of the most comprehensive “Creative Financing” programs available; all based on state of the art FICO technology.  Our record setting award winning programs will change your life.

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Restore, Manage and Build Your Credit Quickly

Debt Filtration

In order to help Americans rebound from the Great Recession, our government offers debt cancellation programs that are designed to eliminate your debt without Bankruptcy, Credit Counseling, Debt Consolidation Companies or paying a settlement. We offer a comprehensive program that utilizes all 48 Debt Filters, which can eliminate up to 90% of all of your bad debt. Get Started Now!

Help For Homeowners

We offer programs that will Stop Any Foreclosure, Expedite and Guarantee Your Loan Modification process, get you the Refinance or Mortgage that you deserve, and or Remove that previous FORECLOSURE OR SHORT SALE from your credit report so that you can purchase a new home. Take advantage of the many programs currently available. Get Started Now!

Rapid Restructure

In a FICO environment Credit Repair does not work effectively. We are not a credit repair company, our revolutionary record setting Rapid Restructure Programs can give you perfect credit in 3-6 months using Strategic Credit Restoration and Development(SCR) and the FICO Restoration Algorithm(FRA). Get Started Now!

Comprehensive Loan Programs



Apply Now $5000 up to $50M

In a FICO environment applying for loans is actually more complicated than you think. You now need TECHNOLOGY on your side.  The new credit system has brought many changes including ZDC, BICS, Trade-line Accountability, Debt to Credit Ratio, and Inquiry Determination.  In this new system if you apply for anything more than six times you can lose your ability to borrow, regardless of your credit score.  Let our team of experts arrange your next loan the right way, guaranteed.  Get Started Now!